Widgets not useable when using ALIGN_BOTTOM or ALIGN_RIGHT


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it seems there is an problem with child widget-usage when the parent one is attached to the main gui via addChild with either ALIGN_BOTTOM or ALIGN_RIGHT. I reproduced the bug also in

Short steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the existing C++ project "WidgetCallbacks" in the Widget folder of the C++ example projects.
  2. Modifying line 51 by changing addChild() parameters with eiter ALIGN_RIGHT or ALIGN_BOTTOM.
  3. Run -> no button interaction and window won't be repositioned.

This bug also happens when those two alignment-parameters are called in combination with other ones. So ALIGN_LEFT | ALIGN_TOP will work, but ALIGN_LEFT | ALIGN_BOTTOM won't.




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In this case, with flags you need to use ALIGN_OVERLAP. This flag makes the window movable. Also it affects the alignment of elements.

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Hello karpych11,

yes I was aware of that ALIGN_OVERLAP statement. But I didn't know it was intended because seems a little bit confusing when using ALIGNE_LEFT | ALIGN_TOP will work without any problems while using ALIGN_RIGHT or ALIGN_BOTTOM in any combination don't.

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Yeah, there always a room for improvements (in internal GUI framework). We will think how can we improve this behavior in the future SDK updates.


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