Gizmo are always shown for NodeReference content


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If a NodeReference content contains a Field, a Player, or anything alike that has a Gizmo (eg. the frustum of a player), then when the NodeReference is placed in the world, all its Gizmo are visible, ignoring the preference in Helpers/Gizmo.

This can be particularly annoying when a ref has a lot of Players or fields, because the screen get cluttered very fast.

If this is on purpose, then maybe an option "show gizmos inside NodeReference" should be added.


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SDK is 2.12a (but the behavior was similar in previous version).

Here is a snapshot of a demo Ref reference node with a few camera inside:


Here are the gizmo helpers settings (all are unchecked):


Here is the screen when the Ref is opened (same gizmo settings):


The gizmo are now invisible (as per the settings).

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Hello, can you confirm this behavior should be fixed? (not urgent of course). Thanks!

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Hi Stephane,

As far as I understand this is expected behavior and it's preset in all the previous engine versions. I need to discuss this behavior change with our 3D artists first. We will take a closer look at this after 2.12 SDK update.

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