Not possible to use import window in low res


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Using 2.10 on my laptop screen trough NoMachine remote connection with resolution automatically set to 1280x720, the import setting window didn't show the bottom part so I can't push the Yes button and its not possible to resize the window, so no way to import anything. 

Tested on the 2560x1080 external display I'm using normally attached to the laptop and is working fine.

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Starting with 2.11 SDK update you can fold the importer categories and resize the importer window.

As a workaround in 2.10 you can import multiple files at once and then (after import finishes) you can adjust import settings again in Parameters window and do a reimport.

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Ok not a big problem for me since I'm rarely using the laptop without external screen, but good to know there is a workaround.

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