Welcome to the UNIGINE Hackathon on May 28-31, 2020


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Create a 3D game (or application) in 72 hours - it’s real!

Join the UNIGINE online hackathon: show your creativity, find new friends, level up skills, add a new project to your portfolio, get cool prizes! 3 days of the concentrated drive, from May 28 to May 31.

If you do not have a complete team yet - it does not matter, after registration, you will be able to join other programmers and 3D-artists.

How to register?
Step 1: Fill in the reg form here https://bit.ly/uniginehackathon_reg
Step 2: Join our Discord server (https://discord.com/invite/gFN7w9b) and write your email to the @UNIGINE bot as a private message
Step 3: Follow the instructions of the bot to create your team or find one.

All the details are on the hackathon website https://hackathon.unigine.com

PS: A hackathon/game jam is a marathon for developing applications or games, where a team of programmers and artists creates a project from scratch in a limited amount of time.



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14 minutes ago, leon.dong said:

It is an official activity or ??

This is the official hackathon by UNIGINE team.

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