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Unigine Shading Map Generator


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Hi everyone!

I made a tool for making a shading map from multiple PBR textures (met/spec/etc). I originally made this for importing megascans into unigine but it ended up becoming quite helpful for other stuff too.

Hope it helps someone :D

Also it's completely free and open-source, use it any way you wish!


Source: https://github.com/PreyK/Unigine-Shading-Map-Generator


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Update: Added input/output for combining basecolor with opacity map for vegetation and alpha tested materials.

Links are the same :) 


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This is super useful! Thanks for sharing!

Note to Unigine Devs: why not providing the option to input all three metalness/roughness/spec map independently, and just generating the combined map internally? (agreed, this would take more space on disk, but the runtime texture would be the same, and the process could be simpler for some end users)

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