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C++ Programmer for hire


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I've spent too much time in the indie scene trying to do large scale projects, mostly alone, sometimes in groups, but have spent 8 years learning various things related to programming.  Looking for a team that pays by the hour, since every royalty based project i've attempted to work with so far has failed.  But all offers are welcome regardless.  Done a little bit of everything related to game dev.  Personal preference is making optimized systems with DOD and pushing a game to it's limits while trying to maintain code in a way that scales for the future.  Am legally blind so traveling may be an issue.  But am open to options none the less.  Please feel free to reply or message me directly.   Might even be happy to work in an opensource project.

Since am risking the loss of social security income would prefer 15$ to 20$ USD per hour depending on the project.

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