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UNIGINE SDK Browser Quick guide


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Thank you Silent, very nice video

I have 2 questions that might also prove useful to others:

1. how do you migrate content from one project to the other ?

2. How do you create a new project from a sample in UScript converting to C# ?

 I tried to create a project in C# .Net Core using Oil platform, as I guessed all the code is gone, but I expected to have the csproj and default files setup.




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Hi Fred,

1. You can copy required files via file explorer and Editor will do the rest:

2. That's physically not possible. So, from the demo you can mostly reuse the UnigineScript parts and content (Create new project and copy required files). 

In theory you can move all the C++ code to the .dll and load it from C# Application, butsuch approach will quickly become too complicated to support in more or less working conditions :)

How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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Regarding migrating content from projects this is really great news, very simple workflow !

Would this also appy to modding ?

Say we release our project and a user creates his own version of the asset (say helicopter) using our logic and wants to add his own mesh and animations. I guess we have to implement the code to read such asset references , but will it then work ?



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Hello. I have a problem . I installed the SDK, installed the community version of the engine 2.15. You need to activate it. I go to the list of licenses, select Floating (the only available option), but activation does not occur ... What could be the problem? Error code 1013. Writes YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE PRODUCT tier0_bin. Thank you
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