[SOLVED] Cut and paste error in code


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Don't know how critical this is but 2.9, 2.10 and 2.11 alpha all have:

int Mesh::getNumIndices(int surface) const
    int num_cindices = getCIndices(surface).size();
    int num_tindices = getCIndices(surface).size();
    if (num_cindices != num_tindices)
        Log::error("Mesh::getNumIndices(): bad number of indices\n");
    return getCIndices(surface).size();

of course it should be int num_tindices = getTIndices(surface).size();


Adrian L.

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Hi, I don't know how critical this is. We are reviewing the source and stumble upon this again and I can see that is still not fixed in 2.12.

Kind Regards,

Adrian L.

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Yes, indeed, thank you!

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