WorldSector / WorldPortal / WorldLayer / WorldCluster / WorldClutter / NodePivot deprecation (2.11+ SDK)


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Dear users!

In the upcoming 2.11 release following objects will be completely removed:

  1. NodePivot (can be replaced with two NodeDummy in parent-child relationship)
  2. WorldSector
  3. WorldPortal

WorldSector / WorldPortal can be easily replaced with occluders instead (either world or mesh). These objects will be revised and probably someday they will return back, but in much better conditions :)

These objects will continue to work, but no issues regarding them will be fixed:

  1. WorldLayer (causing runtime spikes). Can be replaced with NodeLayer. For full nodes unloading from RAM WorldSwitcher can be used. WorldLayer will be completely removed starting from 2.12 SDK update.
  2. WorldCluster
  3. WorldClutter

WorldCluster / WorldClutter will continue to work as before (at least in 2.11 update), but no fixes or new features will be ever implemented. In terms of performance these objects are equal to the regular nodes being placed around the world. More likely (no final decision is being made yet) these objects will be also removed in 2.12.

For the optimizations purposes we suggest to use MeshCluster / MeshClutter objects instead.

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