Expressions in materials behave erratically

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I'm trying to animate multiple channels in a material using the SDK.


  1. new material inheriting from mesh_base.
  2. Enable Emission.
  3. Add an expression on Albedo: vec4(0.5+0.5*sin(time),0,0,1)
  4. Emission Intensity : sin(time)*2-1
  5. Base UV Transform: vec4(1,1,round(time*10.0)/10,round(time*10)/10)

Result: Albedo doesn't change with time, unless I'm moving another slider (eg. Roughness). And when doing so, The expression of UV Transform changes to its current value instead of the expression when mouse is released.


Note that it looks like the Albedo is not animated even in runtime, not just in the Editor.


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I can enable animation to start working if I will click on gear icon one more time.

It's definitely a bug, thanks for the info. Will try to fix in the upcoming 2.11 update.

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