[SOLVED] New controllers wrong orientation

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In the VR demo project testing the substitution of the controllers model with the correct Cosmos one, different from the standard Vive Pro.

Now apart a pivot problem for one of the controllers, both of them appear backward in VR, even if they are correctly oriented in the Editor.



Not sure if I missed any settings.

Attached the fbx and textures





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This is the default orientation of this FBX model:


You need to rotate it properly (Z = up, Y = front) in 3d editor or change axes on import.


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This is the orientation in my editor, no changes after just importing the fbx. Will try changing the orientation as soon my controllers power on again.

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Pay attention to the rotation of parent dummy node and the mesh itself. Original controller model has 0 rotation, both node and the mesh. I suggest doing the same to your FBX.

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I think my problem is always reading 0,0,0 rotation in the editor and thinking mean there is no rotation. 

Manually rerotating the controllers other 180° and applying the rotation get the desired result. 

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