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Maybe really not so needed from this super pro community, but after incrementally tweaking a project during months for different reasons (i.e. just transformed a previous not-VR to VR-enabled project) I want to create a copy just to let the original one in his current form and start a performance optimization path that is necessary only for VR but not for the original one.

Doing this currently need to create a new project, copy inside the old one assets and making all work. Will be nice to have just in the SDK browser the opportunity to copy and rename a project. The inability to just rename a project it's also a limitation in my opinion.

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Hi Davide,

Some of the project management features will be implemented altogether with a revamped SDK Browser version in the future (but I would not expect them to be earlier than Q4 2020).

Thanks for the feedback!

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Just simply copy the whole project folder in your file system explorer and work on.(rename as you like ...)

We do that all the time for archiving and saving versions.

There is no need to use the SDK browser. And in case you need to port it to a new Engine version, you can add your project, upgrade and then again leave the sdk browser alone.

(Personally I am more happy to work on a noob windows copy paste level than rather use custom interfaces) I AM a noob ;) just talking a lot.


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