SDK Browser crash if screen goes off


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In a dual screen configuration, if the SDK browser is on the main screen and the screen is disconnected (or turned off), then the SDK Browser crashes or closes itself instead on going to the second screen.

This is especially problematic when working with a KVM and switching between two computers, because it keeps crashing and the Editor will complain and closes itself. This actually prevents us from working on two workstation at once with a KVM.

Thank you

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Tested on Windows. No issue on Linux for us at the moment as our Linux doesn't cut the display off behind the KVM. But the pb may still exists, I just can't test it right now.

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Thanks for the additional information.

We've successfully reproduced this behavior on Windows machines. Right now the only workaround possible is to manually move SDK Browser window to a secondary monitor (if it's working in extended mode).

We will try to fix this prior to 2.11 SDK update.

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