cache does not clear itself after light deletion


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When I create omni/projected light, it automatically creates some cache .dds texture in data/bake_lightning/shadows. But when I delete the light, .dds texture is not deleted. So after several months I have gigagabytes of such dds files and I really dont know, what can be deleted and what not. It is also same for voxel probes baked textures, generated file is not deleted after deletion of probe.

If I manually delete this texture for omni/projected light, during next world start I will receive error ImageFile::load(): unknown format of "guid://f8b7a16dcbb893e89164e6274c112d5a5f2a1cf1" file. But since generation of this texture takes fragment of seconds, I would expect, that in case it is missing, it will automatically regenerate itself, like in situation, when I move it to new coordinates. This would allow to not put these files into version control system. 


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Hello demostenes,

Thank you for your feedback, there's indeed implicit behavior concerning baked_lightning. We have plans on improving this in future releases. For now the best way to get rid of unused textures is to use Cleaner tool. Unfortunately for now it is not available to clean only one folder, so if you want to clean bake_lightning only, you'll have to exclude other dirs manually, using ignore list

Considering re-baking light when texture is missing. I've forwarded this suggestion to our rnd team, but baking can take much more than fragment of seconds depending on light settings and project size, so if there's possible compromise between baking duration and manual re-baking, we will implement this in future releases


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Hello, is there any progress? At least deleting baked cache files in case of deleting light would be really helpful (same for voxel probe). I have to do it now manually and it is quite anoying. Thanks!

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No changes being made here. You can still use Cleaner tool with custom rules. Right now there is no exact ETA on this fix.

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