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Your feedback has helped us resolve a number of issues introduced in 2.10. 


  • Fixed physics performance degradation issues.
  • Fixed issues with intersections of impostors with the Landscape Terrain.
  • Fixed Engine freeze on shutdown associated with grass and clutter spawn process (Linux).
  • Fixed issues with incorrect rendering of reflections of environment probes on the surface of the ObjectWaterGlobal.
  • Improved synchronization of ObjectWaterGlobal wave height data between CPU and GPU for areas located far away from the origin.
  • Fixed AMD CPUs performance degradation issues (spikes) related to the internal SpinLock refactoring.
  • Fixed spikes related to the Sound Manager update.
  • Fixed issues resulting in failure to play sounds when switching between available sound devices with OpenAL errors displayed in the Console.
  • Fixed various shader compilation errors.
  • Fixed a crash on resizing the Engine window when using the AppProjection plugin (OpenGL).

Unigine Editor

  • Fixed an issue with automatic reimporting of changed meshes by the UnigineEditor.


  • Fixed IG Template issues with including the AppProjection plugin as well as issues with setup grid in projections configuration.
  • Fixed an issue with the AppProjection plugin failing to run without the Interface plugin (Linux).
  • Cameras are now synchronized by default via the IG’s internal synchronization system instead of the Syncker eliminating freezes that sometimes occurred on Slaves.
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If you already downloaded 2.10.0 SDK you will need to upgrade to version in order to download and use demos. Right now all the previous 2.10.0 demos were removed from file server and there is no way to download them.

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FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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