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I am experiencing weird grass masks behaviors.

- when I load a mask, all the grass settings seems to be different to a non mask grass.

although the maximum is 1,1,1,1 for the RGBA, so it should be the maximum of the settings? right?

- the mask painting is somehow messy.

trying to paint on the imported mask, shows the color as a solid surface. But i cannot get rid of it.

adding white color doesnt add this kind of white surface, but adds grass (as it should).

It also feels very weird to paint on that.

Somehow it doesnt work properly, or lets say intuitively as it should.

Can you reproduce that behavior?

- create grass

- load image mask

- intersection ON for a underlying surface to stick to

- paint the mask









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I also found out, that the mask is not really updating.

I need to reload the world to update the mask. 


An Update Mask Button would be nice, otherwise need to unload and load the mask to see the updated mask.

Or is there some other magic, to refresh the mask automatically?



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Hi Werner,

There are at least 3 problems:

  1. With intersection ON you wouldn't see mask at all. So you'll be painting just seeing the cursor and brush decal.
  2. RGBA mask has unintuitive drawing workflow: alpha channel should be enabled to see the colored parts of a mask. I'll report this as a UX issue.
  3. You're using non-square mask. I think this is the main reason for the strange shape of the grass blades. Try square mask created from the editor.

If this doesn't help, please, make a video that shows the issue.


How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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Thx for the answer.

The shape is from the spect ratio, which I intended to do.

I have issues with the mask image as it does not update unleast I reload the world.

The painting is another issue, which is I think a real complicated issue and designwise probably not easy.

I will use masks and not the paint tool anyway. But for that it is unconvinient to reload the world each  time.





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Thanks Morbid.

No worries here. I can work with the RELOAD world.



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