[SOLVED] Mesh is not updated after change


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If I change .mesh file on filesystem, reimport dialog appears, but instances in the scene are not updated. Even deleting instance and putting in the scene again does not help. To see the change, I need to reload world. It was working on 2.9 and lower.

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10 minutes ago, silent said:

Hi Jorka,

Is mesh located inside data directory? Can it be reproduced with any mesh file or with specific meshes only?


Hello. Sure, it is in data. Reproducable for any .mesh....

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Thank for the info!

QA team right now is trying to reproduce this behavior on our test machines. In case if this bug is easy to fix we will try to provide you a patched Editor as soon as possible (before the long NY holidays), otherwise ETA for this fix will be the late January, 2020.

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