[SOLVED] Deleting nodes loaded from FbxImporter


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Hi, I have faced some problems when reloading world after loading nodes that were imported with FbxImporter. SDK is and application is 'Only Unigine Script'

The app workflow is the following:

  1. App looks, at startup, for all FBX stored in some known folders. Being each folder a type of entity.
  2. All FBX are imported and stored in a temporal folder.
  3. When all FBX and its '.node' files are created, some instances of each FBX are loaded in scene via node_load()
  4. Nodes can be deleted and loaded again many times. Nodes are deleted via node_delete()
  5. When app is closed, all nodes are deleted.

Runtime create/delete works fine but when we run world_reload command, the application crashes.
We tried same behaviour but, instead of using FBX nodes, using nodes created in editor. In this case, application does not crash on world_reload.
We exported this non-crashing nodes as FBX with editor. Using these FBX also makes an app crash.

I have attached an example (without bin/ folder) that reproduces the issue.

Any tips of what may I be doing wrong?

Regards, Javier


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Hi Morbid,

I just made a quick sample in but App is in Crash appears in both versions.
As runtime create/delete is Ok, we don't need a quick fix but we have plans for changing world in the future.


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I've discovered a new issue with your sample in 2.10. These nodes operations made a phantom copies in the scene origin that remain even after deletion.

However, this was fixed in 2.11, stable release ETA — end of March.

How to submit a good bug report
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