Water field attenuation and power


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I cannot figure out, how I can make the attenuetion together with the power to work.

It seems, that only att has an influence, the power dosnt.

So I cannot really adjust the seams.



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Sure, Morbid.

Atm I try to create a rivermouth with different areas of water.

I will give you an image to understand. (very dirty sketch), but I guess you get it. ;)

I want to create different qualities of water, strong current of the main stream, more quiet areas, revers currents etc.

So be able to design some sophisticated, realistic looking water.

Its not so much about the rendering as the water looke quite good, more about the motion and the different qualities.

So mixing, blending, variety ...

Investigating possibilities.....


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I am working on with the current possibilities.

The fields do their job, and with the Water decals , there is some possibility to design some still water areas.

It would be cool, it there would be some kind of layered or masked water, to define different waves for different masks, areas or so.

But for sophisticated flows, the only way is to use some fluid dynamics. We have been working with these for a diffrent project, and it really is fantasic, to see a realistic flowing behavior rather an approximated.



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