Rivers, brooks, small flowing water etc.


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Whats the best way to create flowing waters.?

Is there any plan to implement tools for creating flowing waters?



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We have this planned (river tool and river flow material) but the ETA of these features is unknown at the moment.

As for now, there are three options:

  • Utilize Water Mesh, however, it's better for lakes or ponds.
  • Use Static Mesh with mesh_base material. You can set it semitransparent and turn on UV Animation. This will work for the river seen from a distance.
  • Write a custom shader for the project. Obviously, here you can make whatever you want.


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You can also use skinned mesh for some simple animation (some sine wave) and together with UV animation it can look quite OK.

Looking forward for river tool, definitelly needed.


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Any hints on how this river tool might work?  Just trying to decide if I should put the river off for later... or atleast try to prepare for it

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