Editable combobox.


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Please consider adding it. Its useful for google search style that supplies alternatives (superstrings) as you type. 

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Gui combobox from your gui selection. 

Detailed usage is choosing the correct string from the big set. As you type in some substring, say ye, yell, yello, yellow, combobox expands and populates itself with all choices that contains thins string in real time. Combobox makes it possible to hide the suggestions when not needed and is a standard for ux.

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Any progress on this? Should be really simple for you. It is not exactly trivial to patch it together from known components.

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Hi David,

We are currently plan to do heavy GUI widgets refactoring and new widgets will be added only after this process (otherwise the same widget will be implemented twice). ETA (end of this year, but it's hard to predict how the refactoring and research will go).


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