Meet UNIGINE at I/ITSEC 2019


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UNIGINE unveils its long-awaited UNIGINE IG and presents the brand new terrain technology at I/ITSEC 2019 in Orlando, USA (December 2-4). Don’t miss a chance and be the first to see it — book your demo!

New Terrain Technology


Our revolutionary new terrain technology is designed for high-detailed simulators:

• Extreme details up to 1 mm per pixel

• Dynamic modification in the runtime — craters, funnels, trenches

• Binoculars/scopes support (×20)

• Support for simultaneous editing by a team of 3D artists


Drive around real Mars landscape based on satellite data of 1000×1000 km area size, 8×8 km high-detailed zone (0.25 m/pixel mask density, 1 mm/pixel for detailed 4K textures and discover the new vehicle dynamics system (adjustable number of axles, flexible configuration for engine, transmission and suspension).




Along with universal UNIGINE 2 Sim SDK, UNIGINE 2 Sim IG now available! It is a high-level Image Generator system, compatible with CIGI, HLA and DIS protocols. It features out the window, camera and sensor modes, with the ability to display images to curved screens (dome, cylinder), CAVEs, video walls, and VR headsets. The full power of UNIGINE real-time 3D Engine without the need to code! Learn more at


UNIGINE IG will be demonstrated by an offshore rig rescue scenario. Can you land a helicopter at a burning rig during the storm? First responders should be ready for this kind of mission - and virtual training is the safest option to learn such skills.


Maintenance Training In VR

We will also demonstrate the VR capabilities of UNIGINE with the maintenance training for oil & gas industry - created with industry experts. It features a cheat-proof learning and testing scenario system, which is especially important for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) training in high consequence industries.


Let’s Meet In Person!

You are welcome at our booth # 307 to talk with our technical and business experts and try the interactive UNIGINE demos to get the first-hand experience. You can appoint a meeting to specific time via

See you at our I/ITSEC booth # 307!

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