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I'm trying to get the GUID of a file in UnigineScript using the engine.filesystem.getGUID function. According to the documentation it should return a UGUID object, but whenever I try to call any of the functions on it like isValid() or getString() I get the following error:


Machine::run(): "guid: 47e708c5cbe5e3606413bf3fdcc9c392efdc0dc9" is not an extern class

Is there some error in the documentation here, or does this not work in script?

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This is in, I can reproduce it by creating an empty UnigineScript project from the SDK browser and insert the following two lines in the generated .usc file (within the init function):

UGUID g = engine.filesystem.getGUID("");

This gives the following error:

11:00:33 Machine::run(): "guid: bccc09e61633180d11e15a08b987b5c77b2f787a" is not an extern class
11:00:33 World::loadWorld(): world init function returned 0 in "guid://77458e3fe5cb4692ca21b4c995ce37946f80bde3" file


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