Existence of unloaded world layer node has significant impact on performance


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Unigine 2.9 latest. I have single World Layer node with several thousands of nodes. Load distance is 50 meters, I am at least 5 kilometres away from it. Just turning on this node has quite significant impact. Looks similar as turning on all these nodes inside Node Layer (in this case performance impact is expected). See attached video, impact is quite high (cca 15 percent), there is also comparison to enabling all these nodes in Node Layer.

Interesting is, that enabling other WL nodes doesnt seem to increase performance drop.

We are putting our cities (and other locations) to WL nodes to save performance, my expectations for such use case are 0 performance impact for non-active WL node (unigine should do only distance check). I remember I was testing this many unigine versions ago and it was working as expected, each non-active WL node had zero peformance impact. 


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Hello demostenes,

There's indeed some strange behavior with World Layer. I've added this issue to our internal bugtracker with high priority. It probably will be fixed in the upcoming release

Thank you for your report

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