[SOLVED] Need help with material properties


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I'm trying to change material parameters of "object water global". Problem is that some parameters are not saved or not applied at all. Here's what I do:

1) Create new material and apply it to water object

MaterialPtr core = materials->findMaterial("water_global_base");
MaterialPtr newMat = core->inherit();



2) Change material parameters

MaterialPtr mat = materials->findMaterial("my_water_material_0");
MaterialPtr core = materials->findMaterial("water_global_beaufort_4");

float fog = mat->getParameter("underwater_fog_transparency");

for (int i = 0; i < core->getNumParameters(); i++)
    mat->setParameter(i, core->getParameter(i));

mat->setParameter("underwater_fog_transparency", fog);

3) Restart the app OR reload materials (via 'materials_reload' console command)

I expect: All material's parameters are correctly applied and saved.

What i got: Some properties are saved and some are not, this makes water look ugly.

After a small research i found that some properties (such as 'wave0_uv_transform') are always saved with default value in material's XML file, ignoring what i passed in setParameter(). Properties are applied correctly before you reload the material.


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Hello Oleg,

Parameters have their types which can be obtained by getParameterType. And they should be set with methods according to these types. wave0_uv_transform has type PARAMETER_EXPRESSION. That's the snippet for setting it:

const auto parameter_id = mat->findParameter("wave0_uv_transform");
assert(mat->getParameterType(parameter_id) == Material::PARAMETER_EXPRESSION);
const auto value = Math::vec4(1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0);
mat->setParameterExpression(parameter_id, String::format("vec4(%f,%f,%f,%f)", value.x, value.y, value.z, value.w));

We're currently working on improvement of that API.

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Hello Andrey.

Using setParameterExpression() solved my problem. Thanks.

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