Add StructuredBuffer support to material file/api


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it seems to me that the material API and the material file offers only support for Textures and Uniform/Constant buffers as shader resources. It would be great if support for Structured Buffers could be added, i.e. for the material file the following xml tag:

<structuredBuffer unit="43" name="myBufferData"/>

and for the Material API the following methods:

void setStructuredBuffer( int num, const Ptr<StructureBuffer> & structBuffer);
Ptr<StructureBuffer> getStructuredBuffer( int num );

Many thanks,


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Hi Helmut,

Yep, that indeed would be nice. I've added this feature request to the our features list. However, our release schedule is already packed with a features, so right now it's pretty hard to provide any ETA on this, sorry.

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