[SOLVED] volume_cloud material bug


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Rendering of VolumeBox object with non-uniform dimensions ( size x/y/z = 200, 200, 20 in the sample scenario) with volume_cloud_base material produces different fogging densities on constant-distance rotation around object located inside of the volume. When looking horizontally on the focused object only little fogging is visible. When looking more and more from top-down on the object the fogging density increases quickly (which should't happen as the distance to the object is constant).


Possible Cause


Most probably fog value aggregation does not properly account for different inter-sample distances (to which light absorption is proportional) in case of non-uniform VolumeBox dimensions (e.g. 200 when looking horizontally, 20 when looking to-down, but sample count in both cases 64).


Possible Fix


Addition of an inter-sample distance proportional weighting factor on fog value aggregation


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