SplinePoint not availiable in UnigineScript (SDK 2.7.3)


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I just observed that SplinePoint class is not available in UnigineScript for 2.7.3 SDK. I didn't check SplineSegment class so please check it too.

Variable::setExternClassObject(): can't find class SplinePoint * __ptr64 extern class
0x0000049e: callecfr WorldSplineGraph.createSplinePoint

or maybe should I add an additional include ?


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Hi Jan,

Unfortunately, UnigineScript API for WorldSplineGraph management is currently incomplete (as it is an experimental feature) and both classes SplineSegment and SplinePoint are available for C++ and C# only.

Complete UnigineScript API for WorldSplineGraph is scheduled for 2.8.

We're sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you!

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