Mesh Decal Road Edge Blending


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I came across a method for Mesh Decal roadways in one of the Unigine editor 2 Essentials videos that I am curious about.

At 2:56 in the video there is an edging mesh that allows the road to blend nicely with the landscape. Is there a Unigine recommended content creation method for replicating that type of mesh decal edge?

I have a few ideas, but am interested in gathering more information on it.

Thank you!




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Hi Josh,

Actually there's no specific content creation method for this, as it is an ordinary content task:

  • Create a basic mesh for the roadways, apply an asphalt texture to it and adjust tiling.
  • Then, in your software, select edges of this mesh and create a spline from them, then loft them to a new mesh, that will be used for edge blending.
  • Create a UV layout and create another texture for edges (the same texture as for the basic mesh, but with alpha on the outer side).
  • Adjust tiling for this texture along one axis, controlling the result yourself visually.

There is one thing you should be aware of: when you use an asphalt texture (or any other, with small elements) for a sophisticated mesh, such as roadways of an airdrome, everything's ok, but in case of a texture with larger elements (e.g. concrete blocks etc.) you'll have to spend some time on adjusting UV of the basic mesh to ensure texture matching with edges.

You can also create the mesh for edges with a small overlap with the basic one and use a texture with alpha on both sides, to make the result look seamless.

Hope this helps!

Thank you!

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Hey Fox, 

Cool, I was on the right track then. I wanted to be certain it wasn't an in-engine method for tri-planar blending with vertex color for alpha blend or something. Didn't want to spend a chunk of time tweaking UV if a faster method was recommended.

Thanks for the information!

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