[SOLVED] Widget: update sun position


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using the tutorials from the docs I have added a slider to the GuiSample in the VR Template.
The tutorial goes on to adding a sun controlling method, but I cannot get it to work. 

I have added following code to the private section of GuiSample.h:

WidgetSliderPtr slider;
void slider_changed();

This to GuiSample::init in the GuiSample.cpp:

	slider = WidgetSlider::create(gui, 0, 360, 90);
	slider->setPosition(250, 250);
	gui->addChild(slider->getWidget(), Gui::ALIGN_OVERLAP);
	slider->setCallback0(Gui::CHANGED, MakeCallback(this, &GuiSample::slider_changed));

But have problems with the method changing the sun.


    void GuiSample::slider_changed()


I tried following the tutorial, but the code crashes on the sun initialization everytime (last line), I get an exception

	// creating a world light and setting up its parameters
	thesun = LightWorld::create(Math::vec4(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f));
	thesun->setWorldRotation(Math::quat(0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f, 170.0f));

	// passing node ownership to the editor

and I think that maybe this code just does not work with the component system.

Could you please help me with the method changing sun position?
And my second question: the slider appears and I can use it, but it is not active along its whole length - meaning, I can drag it only when I point to its right side. But when I drag it and let go, and want to manipulate it once again, lets say drag it back to its minimal position, it is active only on its left side ( so the slider moves, but the space where it can be grabbed seems to be constant; on the screenshots I have marked it with the mouse cursor).
Last but not least: how can I change the size of the gui plane? 




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Hi Piotr,

As for changing sun's position, you can try something like this (sun node exists in the VR Template's world, so you don't have to create another one):

// GuiSample.cpp
// ...
#include <UnigineLights.h>// <-- header for light sources
#include <UnigineEditor.h>// <-- header for the Editor
// ...
void GuiSample::slider_changed()
	// trying to get a node named "sun"
	NodePtr node = Editor::get()->getNodeByName("sun");
	// if such node is found changing its position using the new angle determined by the slider value
	if (node)
		LightWorld::cast(node)->setWorldRotation(Math::quat(Math::vec3(0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f), 180.0f - slider->getValue()));


Try replacing you slider creation code in GuiSample::init() with this (use setWidth() to set the width of your slider):

	slider = WidgetSlider::create(gui, 0, 360, 90);
	slider->setPosition(250, 250);
	gui->addChild(slider->getWidget(), Gui::ALIGN_OVERLAP);
	slider->setCallback0(Gui::CHANGED, MakeCallback(this, &GuiSample::slider_changed));

Hope this helps!

Thank you!

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