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terrain doesn't cast shadows on itself


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Hi there,

I can't get my global terrain to cast shadows on itself (testing on valleys and terracing surrounded by very high mountains), world is about 100km*100km.

Objects cast shadows on terrain but terrain surface doesn't (on it self and other nodes)

tweaked shadow distance, doesn't help, all comboboxes (cast shadows, cast world shadows) are checked everywhere

Thanks for your help,


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Hi Romain,

there's a known bug with terrain shadows - sometimes they won't render in scene viewport.

Please try the following:

  • enable "Cast Shadows" option for all Height LODs of your terrain
  • check "Cast World Shadows" in the terrain material
  • switch to engine viewport

If the shadows are present in the engine viewport - they will be visible in the application as well. Please, keep in mind that shadows for highly detailed LODs will impact overall performance, so it could be better to enable them only for low-poly LODs.

I'll update this issue in our internal tracker.

Thank you.

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Hi Morbid, update:

I've enabled Cast Shadows on every LODs (that was already the case except for LOD0), and verified that checkbox was on the terrain mat, switched to engine viewport, and gave a try to the application too, but still no luck, no shadows... 

it's a global terrain with geodetic pivot.

if it's a known bug I've just hit the wall pretty nicely :)

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Is it possible to get a scene? You can upload it to any file hosting or on our FTP server.

I did a couple of tests before the answer and terrain shadows worked. The Viewport bug happens rarely and now, obviously, it's not the case.

The FTP credentials (this login and password allows uploading only) below:

    user: upload
    password: iejeePheeH3che

Thank you!


How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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Ok, managed to get some terrain shadows tweaking shadow distance to somehow half the size of the world: under shadows vanish and above also, I need them to play with bias, normal bias softnees and sharpness to get the right look at low sun angles, and also for shadows not to dance with lod morphing....


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HI Morbid, indeed, I've adjusted this parameter, thx for the tip.

Is there an explanation why shadows won't render at certain shadow visibility distance? As I said here I'm forced to set the range pretty high.

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