Why has my rendering completely changed from 2.7.1 to


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I managed it to migrate from 2.7.1 to

It works so far when we are not using decals for most of our scene, but we recognized a significant change in the shading.

We did no changes to our Material initialization and textures, but the image is brigther and more saturated.

Why is this happening? Files attached.





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Hi Sebastian,

these screenshots are kinda small to tell what happened :) We did a bunch of render fixes but, as I already said, it's hard to guess what exactly went wrong.

Could you please send a simple scene on 2.7.1 with objects that will change after migration?

Thank you!

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Hi morbid,

I can give you higher resolution images. Complete scenes are difficult because of a NDA with our customer.

This is 2.7.1:


This is 2.7.2:



For aircraft:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<material version="" name="BE30_NRS_blinn8" guid="fbaa27ae8e00f866917306c614043867908b52bb" base_material="mesh_base">
    <blend src="src_alpha" dest="one_minus_src_alpha"/>
    <options transparent="2" two_sided="1"/>
    <parameter name="material_mask">0x00000002</parameter>
    <parameter name="metalness">0.200000003</parameter>
    <parameter name="roughness">0</parameter>
    <parameter name="specular">1</parameter>
    <parameter name="microfiber">0.600000024</parameter>

For  all others:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<material version="" name="database_RWY3_BLDG05_AnnexBldg_RWY3_BLDG05_AnnexBldg_mat" guid="2f1ac315d98dd2cdc1f05f13da6143ca604b60d3" base_material="mesh_base">
    <options transparent="1" two_sided="1"/>
    <parameter name="material_mask">0x00000001</parameter>

I will look for another example in future, but maybe it helps you for now.




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Thanks for the pictures, the issue now is obvious.

Can you send us a simplified scene on 2.7.1? For instance, primitives with materials, textures and render settings from the reference scene will be enough. We don't need the models.

I also suggest checking the following:

  • If you're using Environment or Voxel Probes - try turning them off. Will it make the final picture closer to the old one?
  • Try tweaking Light World parameters: color and intensity.
  • Create a new project and save render settings. Apply them to the migrated project. Will it change the picture?
  • Try changing environment and camera effects settings, will it help?

It's still hard to give you a proper advice, I'd like to see the scene.

Thank you!


How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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