[SOLVED] CIGI Last Host Frame Number is always 0


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In the IG packet "Start Of Frame", the "Last Host Frame Number" is always 0.

This should be set to the last "Frame Number" received by the IG from the host "IG Control" packet.

Currently, this impact our simulators because we use this returned value to detect drift and decide whether or not to send repeated messages.

Thank you.

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Could you please try to patch <SDK>/source/plugins/Network/CigiClient/packets/CigiIGPacket.cpp on line 51:

host_frame = 0;

//replace to

host_frame = CigiClient::get()->getHostFrame();

After that you can rebuild plugin and replace already existing CigiClient_*.dll in your project to see if that helps.


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Hi silent, that makes the trick !

Thank you !

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