Adding objects to world instantly crashes editor


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I'm trying to port some .FBX models we use in a Unity project to Unigine to see how it compares in terms of visuals. I start a fresh project, import the models, drag one them into the scene, and Unigine instantly crashes without any warning or messages. The same happens for all other models, seemingly regardless of what import settings i use. The models were exported from Maya and all work fine in Unity. What's the issue here?

Actually, i just noticed that adding ANY object to the world instantly crashes the editor, even creating primitives. It's funny, i made a project previously where there was no problem adding objects, but now nothing works anymore. 

EDIT: Reinstalled SDK and restarted computer. Deleted old project and created a new one inside Documents\UNIGINE Projects\. Loaded the default created world file with the material ball. Still crashes whenever i try to create anything. The last listed event in the editor log is loading the scene. 


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We had the same problem with
Deleting C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Unigine solved the problem.
Thank you!

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