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I’m looking to control when the cursor graphic is displayed on screen so I can toggle between showing mouse cursor for UI interaction and hiding the mouse cursor for controlling the player camera via custom controls.

Currently I and using the define MOUSE_USER and have the two functions below in an input manger class to enable mouse control which should hide the mouse cursor but still allow getting mouse delta x and y values for custom control handling while the cursor is hidden and disable mouse which should show the cursor disabling my custom input and allow the user to interact with UI:

public void EnableMouse()
     MouseEnabled = true;

public void DisableMouse()
  if (MouseEnabled)
    MouseEnabled = false;

Currently when I call App.get.setMouseShow(0) the default windows cursor is hidden but replaced by the cursor graphic below:


How can I achieve the desired results?

Mouse Enable should:

·         Hide all cursor graphics

·         Allow a method of retrieving either mouse delta x and y or mouse position x and y within the my custom input manager class

·         Disable interaction with Unigine UI

Mouse Disable should:

·         Show default windows cursor allowing interaction with Uninge UI

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Hi Marc,

Try this code (to be inserted into AppWorldLogic.cs file of your project), it works without using MOUSE_USER and MOUSE_SOFT defines, maybe it'll meet your requirements, hope I got them right:

   class AppWorldLogic : WorldLogic
        // auxiliary variables
        App app;
        ControlsApp controls_app;
        Controls controls;
        Gui gui;

        // widgets
        WidgetLabel label;
        WidgetButton button;

    /* ... */

       // Method toggling the mouse cursor's state
        public void ToggleMouseCursor()
            // getting current mouse state
            int enabled = controls_app.isMouseEnabled();
            // changing necessary parameters
            app.setMouseGrab(1 - enabled);
            controls_app.setMouseEnabled(1 - enabled);            

        public override int init()
            // initializing auxiliary variables
            app = App.get();
            controls_app = ControlsApp.get();
            controls = Game.get().getPlayer().getControls();
            gui = Gui.get();

            // preparing UI
            label = new WidgetLabel(gui);
            button = new WidgetButton(gui, "BUTTON");
            button.setPosition(10, 40);
            gui.addChild(label, Gui.ALIGN_OVERLAP | Gui.ALIGN_TOP | Gui.ALIGN_LEFT);
            gui.addChild(button, Gui.ALIGN_OVERLAP | Gui.ALIGN_TOP | Gui.ALIGN_LEFT);

            return 1;

        public override int update()
            // checking for STATE_USE and toggling mouse cursor state
            if (controls.clearState(Controls.STATE_USE) == 1)
            // updating cursor position info
            label.setText(String.Format("\n MOUSE COORDS: ({0}, {1})", app.getMouseX(), app.getMouseY()));

            return 1;

   /* ... */


Just create an empty C# project, declare AppWorldLogic class members, add toggling function and modify init() and update() methods as shown above.

Hope this solves your issue!


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