UNIGINE Editor 2 Video Tutorials: Arbitrary Terrain


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All data required for accomplishing this tutorial is available in the Arbitrary Terrain Generation Add-On starting from the UNIGINE 2.7.2 SDK. All you need is just install the add-on and use the assets according to instructions given in the tutorial.

In this tutorial:

  • Landscape Tool interface overview
  • Configuring generation settings
  • Adding data sources and setting up their parameters
  • Creating tags to filter data from the sources
  • Generating an arbitrary terrain using raster images
  • Adding and configuring terrain details
  • Creating and adding vegetation (grass, trees)
  • Creating impostors for vegetation and using them to optimize performance
  • Editing generated terrain with brushes
  • Using terrain surface modification techniques (making holes and integrating complex meshes)


The complete list of tutorials is available here: https://developer.unigine.com/forum/topic/4588-video-tutorials-on-editor-2/

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