[SOLVED] CIGI slaves don't show roll


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My CIGI slaves don't show rolls from the master. Heading and pitch is ok. I tested with the most simplistic code possible, based on the new cigi template from 2.7.1.

Did I miss something?

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Yes, I'm talking about camera roll. The AppSystemLogic/AppWorldLogic are exactly the one found in the new minimalistic cigi template.  Both slave and master are showing the same view ID (0). On the Host side, I tested with the Hemu emulator.

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It depends on the type of the player. PlayerSpectator and PlayerPersecutor ignore roll. Try to change "Player player = new PlayerSpectator();" in your UnigineScript .cpp file (data/world_name.cpp) to "Player player = new PlayerDummy();".
It is a bad design of the Syncker. It doesn't change the player type on the slaves. So, if you have PlayerDummy on the Master, but you have PlayerSpectator on the Slave, it can lead to "roll"  problem.

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Hi, this worked ! Thank you. I think at least a note should be added in the doc of the Syncker and a warning in the doc of the Player*.



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Hi Stephane,

Glad to inform you that Syncker's camera synchronization has improved. Now Slaves always use PlayerDummies and camera's hierarchy is taken into account. Improvements will be available in the upcoming  2.7.2! So, the "roll"  problem should be solved.


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Great news ! Thanks !

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