Deasaturation per Material


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I would much appreciate a slider 0-1 which desaturates the final diffuse color of a material from the actual color to a grey.

(Could be considered if the other direction so e.g. 0- -1 would saturate the material also makes sense.)

We once implemented that in our old engine and we used it always.

We often have the situation that we need to desaturate certain objects in the scene in a final stage of the project, but it would also very helpful in a prototyping stage while testing compositions.

Changing textures and diffuse colors is much too much work.

The material system has the advantage as well, because it has a hirarchy.

So It would be a feature, which would help us a lot.




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wah. Our genius Helmut has implemented that into the core.

It really makes sense.!!


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Hey. Yes it works.

Node based material editor? huh. are we gonna have that.?


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1 hour ago, silent said:

Who knows! Can't promise anything right now :)

It was announced by Binstream into 2.8 ;)

But back to topic, I am missing such feature too.


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