ControlsJoystick SetCooperativeLevel() failed


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Greetings! I'm building an application that's using the Qt project template. I'm referencing the ControlsJoystick, however upon initialization, I get the following console log:

Loading "dinput8.dll"
ControlsJoystick::updateEvents():SetCooperativeLevel(): failed

At this point the joystick is non working.

If I run a non-Qt based project, the joystick seems to be ok. Based on the docs, this has something to do with joystick control exclusivity mode ( the cooperative level flags ).

How would you suggest I should approach the joystick initialization?

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Hi Tsetso,

Currently there is a known issue related to the joysticks being handled with 3rd party integrations (such as Qt or SDL). Right now we are not ready to provide a solution. We will check what else we can do before the 2.7.1 update.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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