[SOLVED] Qt integration with Unigine


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Hello everybody,


we are planning a Project now with Qt Ui Elements on top of a Unigine Widget.

We made a little research and found out that Qt is using a BackingStore to composite their UI Elements/Widgets (Labels, Buttons etc.).

After calling winId() on a QWidget, the QWidget class creates a native HWND on Windows.

When creating a OpenGL context with the HWND the rendered content is not blended correctly with the UI.

Since Unigine uses the same technique with their AppQt example, we are wondering if you have any idea, how to do this.


Or is there a solution to use a QOpenGLWidget instead of a QWidget?




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Hi Sebastian,

We didn't try to integrate QOpenGLWidget, but maybe sample about integration with Qml will be helpfull, since it uses similar technics.

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Hi maxi,

thank you for the hint, just wanted to let you know that it is working with QOpenGLWidget. The blending is now correct between overlayed QWidgets.

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