NavigationSector unexpected behaviour


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We are making a navigation structure for a building with NavigationSectors but when we get the path, some results are not as expected. In some cases, the path calculated is obviously longer than other paths available and we can't figure out what is happening or if we are making a mistake. We have set same mask to all NavigationSectors, same Quality, Velocity and Dangeours. We also made sure that all sectors are connected properly and wrote an expresion that draws the path given and its total length.


We have made an isolated project with just the navigation, the expresion that draws the path and two dummies that are start and end points of the pathfinding. When opening the sample the path shown at the following image is retrieved. Total path distance is drawn at starting point and is obviously no the best route.


In order to force pathfinding not taking this long route we set the NavigationSector maks where it passes to 0x0 . Then a better route is calculated (maybe the optimal) and distance is quite lower than in previous pathfinding, we do not know why is taking first path if both are available from the begginging.


Here is sample Assets folder:


Is there something we are missing when setting up the navigation?  Thanks for your help


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Hello, Javier

Thank you for your feedback, there's indeed some flaw in PathRoute algorithm. I've added this issue to our internal bugtracker, but unfortunately i can't give you any ETA on when it will be fixed.

Please, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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