Error in UnigineScript clones player nodes and crashes Editor2


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Test scene looks like (all nodes):


I observed that when I make error in UnigineScript file eg. like that:

int init() {
Node node = notDeclaredFunction(name);
test.cpp (guid://dd963586682183e918186d544de6871dc2fc17e8):13: Interpreter::parse_expression(): unknown token "notDeclaredFunction" in "notDeclaredFunction( name)" expression
World::loadWorld(): can't load "test.cpp (guid://dd963586682183e918186d544de6871dc2fc17e8)" world script

which stops loading a world so my scene become black:


it's clone my player (PlayerPersecutor nodes) in Scene (1) each time I reload world:


and after a few times it's crashes Editor2 (below I provided top of my stack trace):


and the error:


I don't have source code of the engine to tell where exactly is the error. But I think that the problem is, that created player is not destroyed in the case of error in UnigineScript.

This should be fixed ASAP.


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