Qt 5.10 platform webgl and the Qml UnigineItem


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Hi !
I've just tried the new feature of Qt 5.10 witch is webgl streaming  the Qt app to a browser without touching the code (just pass "-platform webgl" flag to the executable).

For this I've tried to compile the Unigine's App/Qml sample with Qt5.10 to test it but (as expected) doesn't work.

I have no idea if the problem comes from Unigine, from the integration or from Qt itself but I think this feature can be very interesting to have.

I post here the steps to reproduce the crash if it can help :

- Removed qt folder and qt.conf
- Copy libUnigine_x64.so to the App/Qml folder
- Run qmake from Qt 5.10 than make
- Run the executable
    ./Qml -data_path ../../../../../ -data_path ./ -platform webgl

- Browse to http://localhost:8080 than ... crash
    QObject: Cannot create children for a parent that is in a different thread.
    (Parent is UnigineItem(0x1aa2780), parent's thread is QThread(0x1a278c0), current thread is QSGRenderThread(0x1ab3790)

(Any other apps that don't use Unigine are working fine)

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Hi Christophe,

That's indeed interesting feature, but since it's still beta (or alpha) I would wait until the more stable behavior. Is there any difference if you will run engine with OpenGL / DirectX API? Does it compatible with OpenGL 4.5 core profile applications (like our engine)?


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