Material of Decal Spline Object cannot be inherited


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When creating a Spline Object over a landscape as  Decal, the material associated with it is created as read-only AND connot be inherited from.

This prevents us from changing the Material Mask ID, which is created with the default value of 0xFFFFFFFF. This means the decal will appear on all objects, and not only over the terrain.


- make this material inheritable from

- add a "Material Mask" entry for Spline Decal in the Landscape editor (this would also be a good idea for all created materials)


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Thank you for feedback.

At the moment Landscape Tool doesn't work with asset system in a proper way.
We're aware of this issue and working on a suitable solution.

For now you can do the following:

  1. Inherit a new material from decal_base
  2. Assign this material to the decals that were generated by Landscape Tool. Multiselection should help you do this in a couple of clicks.

If you already have configured mesh_base material that was used for node reference, you can clone it and reparent this clone by dragging it to decal_base in Materials tab.

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