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about terrain editor idea


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hey,i have a idea,i hope you add a functional,it similar to Cryengine V Terrain Editor and Vegetation Editor,because Unigine objectterrain editor and mesh cluster,mesh clutter hard to use,it's very slow slow!Please you try to use Cryengine V Terrain Editor and Vegetation Editor,it's very easy to use!I like Unigine,Unigine 3d rendering > all engine.

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  OK.For example,I hope Unigine add to brush function,help me to create 3d environment,this is more flexible.i don't like Mesh Cluster and Clutter way.About terrain editor,i hope add to some presets(height map),such as the island.

   The Terrain Editor should add to displacement,improve visual effects.

   Finally,the most important point,imported model file can subdivison,i hope material editor can add to displacement,this is very very cool.hhhhhh,thank you very much

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