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Export plugin 3ds max 2018


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Hi @silent,

From our experience, using FBX files are less productive rather than exporter in some situations.

With MAX exporter, you only have to export the .mesh file and engine automatically reloads it. When we use FBX importer, we have to manually re-import the .fbx file each time we generate a new version of the model.

FBX importer fits perfectly some other cases, but please consider to continue supporting these exporters because they are a good tool.


Best regards.

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In my experience, the best for import fbx for our case is use Export plugin for 3ds max 2012, we still using it, that is very old, but i can do in him all necessary modify for right export fbx models to Unigine.

I try other export plugins, also import fbx in editor, but all have more steps (time consuming) for import to Unigine. It needed complicated modify of fbx file or have bugs, that don't allow export fbx models to Unigine.

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Hi,support,we have the same ploblem as Benjamin,we have a large area building models,so ,we want import those models quikly use unigine,Can you provide a good way or a good plug-in?

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On 30.03.2018 at 7:21 AM, silent said:


You can use FBX for that or any other format (OBJ, DAE, 3DS).



What type of object should be exported from 3dmax to FBX?

When I import fbx into UG I have(in UG) only object "*.node".

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4 hours ago, silent said:

You can export geomerty (polygons), materials, skinned meshes, blend shapes and they will be converted from FBX to the Unigine internal formats (mesh + anim + mat) on import. Node file is just a container for all that objects with specific settings.

how can get an object "*.path " in UG from FBX????? 

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Hi silent,

On 7/27/2017 at 12:20 PM, silent said:

If you still want export plugins, you can build them manually from <SDK>/source/tools/plugins/Max. Small readme is located in the same dir.

Could you put the source of the export pluginfrom 3ds max  for the mesh file,
I need to write a stream converter to mesh

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Bonjour j'ai 3DS MAX 2021 et le plugin SDK ne fontionne pas avec ma version de 3DS MAX, une personne pourrait elle avoir une solution

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