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World transform path scale out of whack


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I've been struggling to get the scale correct when importing a world transform path.

I want to create a path for a character to animate around a race track and it needs to be 100% precise of course.


Here's how I'm doing it at the moment.


1 I create a spline path in Max using the same race track .fbx geometry that I use for my environment in Unigine as a guide

2 I animate a box along the spline

3 I export the box via Unigine Path Export (*.PATH) scale: 1.0, from frame 0 to frame 100

4 in Unigine I create world transform path (import .path file)


The scale of the imported path is massive. I've tweaked and tweaked the export scale settings but to no avail. it's either a little bit too big or a little bit too small. At the moment I'm exporting the .path file at a scale of 0.01 but it's a little too big. 


It would be great if I could simply scale the path in Unigine.


Any suggestions?

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