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we are trying to integrate Unigine with Qt/Qml.

On windows using DX11 it work perfectly but on linux with opengl it doesn't work.

We have an Unigine viewport and some Qml widget (Qt5QuickWidgets) created dynamically, when a qml widget is created both Unigine and Qt stop refreshing with the following error :


OpenGL error: invalid operation



Any help would be appreciated.

You can reproduce it easily editing the source code of source/app/main_qt : (.zip with complete source code provided)


main_qt.pro :



QT += core gui widgets quickwidgets


main_qt.cpp :



// Qt

#include "MainWindow.h"

#include <QApplication>

#include <QDesktopWidget>

#include <QQuickWidget>

#include <QQuickView>




int main(int argc, char *argv[])


// Qt part

QApplication app(argc, argv);

MainWindow window;


    QQuickWidget *view = new QQuickWidget;




// UnigineApp

AppQt *widget = NULL;




test.qml : (drop it in the main_qt folder)



import QtQuick 2.0


Item {



width: 600

height: 400


Rectangle {


id: r

anchors.centerIn : parent

width: parent.width /2

height: parent.height /2

color: "red"



    Timer {

        interval: 1000; running: true; repeat: true

        onTriggered: {

console.log("Triggered " + r.color)

r.color = (r.color == "#ff0000") ? "blue" : "red"






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Hi Christophe,


The first version of our QML integration you can find in attachment. You need to change path to the SDK in QML.pro and main.qml to get it working on your side.


Before launch from QtCreator set working directory to <SDK>/bin (or <SDK>/lib, if you are using 2.3.1 SDK).


Currently input is send directly to QML.




How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for the integration ! It works without problem with Unigine 2.4 and Qt5.8 ..

Just one question ... Are you planning to add the events (mouse, keyboard, ...) ?

We are really interested in using this sample of code but we are wondering if you are working on it or if we improve it ourself ..





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