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[SOLVED] Water trail issues


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We are working in a world with 2 ships that are very far away from each other. The ships have a water trail attached like in Oil Platform sample and also each ship has a dummy camera which follows it.


In first place, when we switch between cameras there is a strange behaviour as it can be seen in these images:






This trail comes from the position where the ship 1 was before switching to ship 2 camera, to the position where the ship 1 is when returning to ship 1 camera. This behaviour does not happen when ships are close to each other.

Any tip of why is this happening and how can we solve it?



In second place, water trail particles stop spawning when game camera is far away from the particle system source.

Is there any way to force particles spawn always? (we can deal with performance decay).



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Hi silent,

The problem with the foam is easy to reproduce. Just start the oil platofrm demo and use the helicopter to move it (and the camera by extent) far from some of the ships. When you came back to the ship, you can see the trail discontinuity because it's not being generated when it was out of the camera.




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