Syncker Slave Surface Mesh configuration


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I am just building a test with Unigine Syncker.
Now I want to configure a CAVE environment.
The documentation says that a mesh needs to specified, but did not show in which coordinate system it has to be configured.
I got a configuration working where the positive Z-Axis of the Mesh shows to the left, the positive Y-Axis up and the positive X-Axis towards me, but I am not sure if this is right.
I also run into the problem that the projection is not calculated correctly on the slave (see attachement).
If I set the aspect ratio to 1:1 it works but not for 1920:1080.
Here is the code example for the mesh:

int slave_0=mesh.addSurface("slave_0");

//Z-Positive left , Y-Positive up, X-Positive towards
mesh.addVertex(vec3(-1.f, -0.108f, 2 * +0.192f), slave_0); //bottom-left corner
mesh.addVertex(vec3(-1.f, -0.108f, 0), slave_0); //bottom-right corner
mesh.addVertex(vec3(-1.f, +0.108f, 2 * +0.192f), slave_0); //top-left corner

mesh.addIndex(0, slave_0);
mesh.addIndex(1, slave_0);
mesh.addIndex(2, slave_0);"slaves.mesh");

May someone know what to do exactly?

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Here is the screenshot of the slave. As you can see the projection is stretched by an aspect ratio of 192:108. The screen resolution is 1920x1080.


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Hi Andrey,


these are also the values in meters:

mesh.addVertex(vec3(-1.f, -0.108f, 2 * +0.192f), slave_0); //bottom-left corner
mesh.addVertex(vec3(-1.f, -0.108f, 0), slave_0); //bottom-right corner
mesh.addVertex(vec3(-1.f, +0.108f, 2 * +0.192f), slave_0); //top-left corner

the screen is 1 meter away and has a size of 0.384 m x 0.216 cm. The cave head Position is (0,0,0).

Like I said the projection is not right. If I design the mesh like a sqare (0.384*0.384 for example) the projection is correct over the screen of the slave, but it should be incorrect.

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I noticed, when I resize the window's height that the vertical fov remains the same and the horizontal fov gets bigger.


I think that this should not be the case, the fov should stay the same regardless of the window/viewport size, since it depends on the mesh of the screen and eye position

 of the viewer. Maybe I am missing something in the configuration of the player/camera.

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Hello again,


I tried a few things but didn't come to a solution until now.


So maybe someone can show me how to define a mesh for the setup in the attachement. It is a 3 screen cave with the viewer in the center.

Is their anything else I have to setup for projection in the slaves (plugins, settings, commands, etc.)

I would really like to test this option, because our company is very interested in such a feature.


I also read something about the aspect correction in the documentation and want to ask how to deactivate it from c++ side.

Maybe it is the cause of the stretched projection problem I posted earlier.


I also tried the grid functionality and observated for positive angles with master_angle a gap between the screens appears, for negative values the screens will overlap.


There is a similiar problem reported before.


Thanks in advance for your help.




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Hi Ivan,


Sorry for the late reply. We are still investigating this issue.


We using a simple script to generate mesh projections for our projects. In attachment you can find a small example for cave setup (no floor projection).
How to use:
  • Launch run_slave_center_config_1.bat;
  • config_1.mesh file will be generated (that can be used to get projection).
  • Monitors / Projectors configuration is defined in config_1.usc file.

In that case we do not have stretched images. 


Could you please also send us a small test project with your setup (script + meshes) so we can test in on our side as well?


How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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Hi Andrey,


thank you for your mesh example.


I created a mesh with the parameters you set in the usc file, but I don't think the images are right (see attachements).


I used the syncker material example which comes along with unigine 2.3.1. my batch files where configured like this:



set PATH=%PATH%;%~dp0lib;
start bin\main_x86.exe -editor_script "core/systems/syncker/syncker_master.cpp" -video_app auto ^
                                                                                -video_vsync 1 ^
                                                                                -video_mode 1 ^
                                                                                -video_resizable 1 ^
                                                                                -data_path "../" ^
                                                                                -extern_plugin "Collada,OpenFlight,AppProjection" ^
                                                                                -engine_config "../data/samples/unigine.cfg"
                                                                                -console_command "world_reload && console_key 42" 


set PATH=%PATH%;%~dp0lib;
start bin\main_x86.exe     -video_app auto ^
                            -video_vsync 0 ^
                            -video_mode 5 ^
                            -video_resizable 1 ^
                            -video_fullscreen 0 ^
                            -data_path "../"  ^
                            -extern_plugin "Collada,OpenFlight,AppProjection" ^
                            -editor_script "core/systems/syncker/syncker_slave.cpp" ^
                            -console_command "editor_reload && console_key 42"

Thanks for your help





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